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Best tips to save YOU money, for your business.

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting the country hard, running a home is getting expensive, running a business is even more so.

While at home it might be simple to keep costs at a minimum by switching off the big light or washing your clothes at a lower temperature, saving energy while running a business can be slightly more difficult.

We have compiled together some of the best tips that could help bring your costs down while keeping your employees happy and comfortable.

Go digital-

While it may not be possible to go completely digital at the press of a button, making steps to slowly change your ways could help combat the costs and the amount of energy your business uses.

Take a look at what exactly it is that you’re printing, is it really necessary to have a paper copy of that spreadsheet? All computers now have the ability to save files to the cloud, so you have access to them everywhere you go.

Printers are energy hungry and reducing the amount you use, or to completely remove them from your day-to-day business can save you a fortune on energy consumption it will also save your money on the purchase of incredibly expensive printer ink!

Don’t be in the dark-

In a report by the BEIS (Department for business, energy and industrial strategy), lighting uses roughly 20% of all electricity generated in the UK.

Your business can save huge amounts of money, up to 80% in ongoing costs, by making sure your lighting is upgraded to more energy efficient LED bulbs.

Giving up manual control of lighting will also save you money, installing motion sensors for the lights in the bathroom will completely remove the risk of staff accidentally leaving the lights on after they leave.

Also, if you have a large building it might be worth having motion lighting in your hallways so the lighting only comes on whenever necessary.

Get everyone to help-

Make sure that everyone remembers to turn off their computers before leaving work, rather than leaving them on standby.

This can be achieved by putting up posters around the workplace reminding them the importance of switching off at the end of the day, also if employees use the canteen at work try to remind them to only fill up the kettle to the required amount, as overfilling the kettle can require more energy than is necessary.

Trap it in-

Making sure windows and doors are draft proof is essential when making sure your business premises are as energy efficient as possible.

Drafty windows and doors can let warm air leave the building during the winter, or cool air to escape in the summer. This might mean that you’ll be turning up the heat higher than necessary to combat the cold coming into the building.

By making sure your building is properly insulated by using weather strips and caulking to seal off any drafts, businesses can reduce their energy costs and save money in the long run.

How Strive can help-

Strive have partnered up with an excellent energy provider to help you cut down your energy costs, give us a call today on 033 335 5137 and enquire how we can help!

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