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Monthly Payroll

We can provide monthly payroll to include salaries, commission structures & bonuses, all inclusive of payslips and employee self-service apps


Our payroll pricing includes auto-enrolment for pensions. When you request a quote please include your current or preferred pension provider and we'll sort the rest!

Weekly Payroll

Our weekly payroll services include all the great features of our monthly payroll but with added flexibility for casual or temporary workers

Human Resources

Our payroll software includes some fantastic HR features, including holiday scheduling and document sharing - all company policies or contracts can be shared with employees in one place!

Self Service App

Our employee self-service app includes historic payslips, a company calendar for booking holidays along with a messaging system to allow queries & communication


Employees can easily view their own payroll and HR data in a secure environment online via a web browser anytime and anywhere! Our software increases the efficiency of payroll work within GDPR guidelines



Employer Dashboard
Employers can access a secure online dashboard which gives an overview of the payroll information in one place. The employer dashboard includes notifications, all employee contact details and payslips, any outstanding amounts due to HMRC and reports that have been set up in BrightPay on the desktop application. Employers can also access a company annual leave calendar making it easier to manage all staff leave.

Automatic Cloud Backup
It is important to keep a copy of your payroll files safe. BrightPay Connect will automatically backup a payroll file every 15 minutes when open and again when the payroll file is closed down. A chronological history of backups will be maintained which can be restored at any time.

Employee Self-Service
Employers can invite employees to their own personal employee self-service portal. Employees can view and retrieve current and historic payslips and other payroll documents such as a P60, P45, or P11Ds and auto enrolment letters. Employers can decide whether or not they wish to invite their employees to use this self-service facility.

Employee Smartphone & Tablet App
The BrightPay Connect self-service app introduces powerful features providing a digital payslip platform where employees benefit from secure access anytime, anywhere, using their smartphone or tablet. The employee app is available to download for free on any Android or iOS device. Through these app features, you can provide your employees with access to GDPR compliant self-service tools, a payslip library and a user-friendly holiday leave management facility.

Managing Employee Requests
Employees can request annual leave through their self-service portal. They can also view their own personal annual leave calendar and their leave balance remaining. Once an employer has approved the leave request, the leave will then be automatically added to the employee calendar and synchronised to the payroll software on the desktop.

Company Calendar
BrightPay Connect includes an employee calendar, which can keep record of all employees’ past and scheduled leave, including annual leave, unpaid leave, absence, sick leave and parenting leave. This is an employer-wide calendar encompassing leave details for all active employees, which works in real-time across both the online portal and desktop application.

Human Resources Document Upload
The document upload feature allows managers to share documents with individuals, teams or the whole company at the touch of a button. Upload an individual’s contract of employment, performance or training records. Circulate team plans, training material or memos. Distribute the company handbook including all policies and procedures. The document upload feature ensures company documents are organised and that employees can securely access HR information anytime, anywhere.

Support for Remote Working
Payroll staff members can be set up as a user and given access to the companies that they need to work on. Users can then simply restore the required payroll data into their BrightPay software and also synchronise completed payroll back up to Connect.

No Conflicting Payroll Copies
BrightPay Connect includes improved remote working functionality, including a ‘version checking’ feature when opening an employer, and an ‘other users check’ when opening an employer to prevent the risk of conflicting copies. 

Access to Payroll Reports
Any payroll reports that have been set up and saved on the BrightPay Payroll application will automatically be available on BrightPay Connect. Employers have fast and easy access to view these reports on their online dashboard which can then be downloaded to CSV or PDF.

HMRC Payments
Employers can view HMRC payments for the tax year and amounts due to HMRC. They can also view P30 reports showing the full breakdown of how the amounts are calculated.

Multiple Users
Employers have the option to add as many users as they wish to a BrightPay Connect account at no additional cost. Colleagues can be added as co-administrators, or an external accountant can be added as a standard user which will give them access to the payroll data.

User Access & Restrictions
An administrator has full control over a BrightPay Connect account, with the ability to edit account settings, add other users, redeem purchase codes, invite employees and more. A standard user can have access to one or several employers in the BrightPay Connect account. When setting up a standard user, you can set up user permissions, such as the ability to view financial information including payslips and reports, employees marked as confidential, and whether or not they can connect and sync the employer file from the payroll software.

No matter the size of your business we can help with your payroll requirements. We have no minimum charge or flat rate for payroll - simply pay for the employees we process for!
We have included a host of fantastic features to help you save time and money when managing your payroll and staff.
Not only is it super easy to submit your requests - employee self service allows your staff to request holidays, view historic payslips and documents, as well as allowing you to share contracts & company policies with them, saving hours of time in administration year on year, along with saving everything in one central location that you can access from anywhere



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